Tech Features That Make the Ford Taurus Unique

The Ford Taurus is known as a full-size sedan and a pretty popular one at Bob Thomas Ford Lincoln North, which is great, and that popularity may grow with its new tech features. Technology is always a great addition because it usually enhances the driving experience and safety. Who doesn't want those kinds of perks when driving throughout Fort Wayne and beyond?

Tech to Point Out

Tech you'll want to explore when you take your test drive:


You can use the Park Assist System to help you park in tight spaces. Let the vehicle do the calculations for you while you control the brakes and acceleration. Who would have thought that the Taurus could make parking fun again?


The voice activated device known as Alexa can be linked to your Ford Taurus, giving you many of the features you enjoy from Alexa. You'll be able to use voice navigation, get traffic information, and even do a little Amazon shopping while you drive.

The Taurus has other tech features for you to discover, and we are ready to help you during your test drive.



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