Technology continues to evolve as time moves on. It is changing everything, including vehicles. Let's check out some of the Ford Ranger's tech features and how they could make driving in Fort Wayne a new experience.

Sync 3

This is a voice-activated system that responds to regular speech better than other systems out there. You can activate all sorts of infotainment features in your vehicle using your voice. You can connect to any smart devices as long as you've already hooked up to your infotainment system. Come and speak your demands with your test drive to see what we are talking about.


A fun experience is not the only thing Ford has for you in the Ranger. You also get anti-collision technology that helps you feel a little safer on the road. This system can sense if you are getting close to hitting an object. It warns you and pre-charges your brakes so that they are ultra-sensitive and ready to brake when you need it.

We hope you never need this safety feature, but it can make you feel better on the road in your Ranger. Take a test drive when you feel that this popular midsize truck may be the one for you.



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