Ford EcoSport Exhibits Impressive Capability Features

Hit the road with confidence with the new Ford EcoSport. This popular compact SUV is equipped with a host of impressive capability features, all designed to get you through your day with ease. The EcoSport experts at Bob Thomas Ford Lincoln North are standing by ready to welcome you into our showroom and to introduce you to all of the features of this venerable SUV.

The innovative Hill Start Assist system can get you out of the trickiest uphill situations. This system intuitively helps you toggle between brake and gas without rolling backward when parked on a hill or stopped at a light.

The Auto Start-Stop Technology shuts down the engine when it is not needed. Ford recognizes that there is no need to keep running the engine when simply idling at a traffic light. This technology is engineered to reduce fuel consumption and decrease emissions, while also saving you money at the pump.



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