The Audio Technology on the 2019 Ford Mustang

For decades, the Ford Mustang has been a favorite with drivers desiring to own a sporty muscle car. The unique audio engineering of the latest models allows you to broadcast the power or keep it under wraps. Sound has long been a part of the human experience. Certain sounds warn of danger and initiate a fight or flight response. The sound of your favorite rock song typically makes you want to move your body to the beat. Ford used the connection between humans and sound to create a unique feature in the Mustang.

The 2.3L, four-cylinder supercharged engines allow you to mimic the powerful sounds commonly heard from muscle cars having V8 engines. Simply flip a switch and the engine growls and the exhaust rumbles. Adjust the sound from normal to loud or aggressive. See all of the new Ford Mustang's features by visiting Bob Thomas Ford Lincoln North.



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