The Focus SEL Sedan Has Comfort and Power

The Ford Focus SEL Sedan is a compact vehicle with a roomy and comfortable interior. You can have a choice of interior cloth covers including a leather steering wheel. It offers all-around cooling and ventilation for warm seasons, and warm air and heated seats for the cold season. It is an excellent vehicle for city and highway driving.

The Ford Focus SEL was designed to give many years of trouble-free driving. The Focus has features that help you stay on the road. It has alerts for routine maintenance and signals when tires need more air. Fort Wayne area drivers know the value of low operating costs. They prefer durable vehicles that provide excellent gas mileage with power, comfort, and handling.

We welcome you to Bob Thomas Ford Lincoln North, and we are eager to answer your questions about this high-value sedan. Please visit us and take a test drive; you can experience the Focus SEL Sedan's comfort, power, and responsive handling.


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