Ford Fusion’s New Co-Pilot Assist's Best Features

The brand-new Ford Fusion comes with a brand-new feature that makes it the first and only vehicle on the market with standard co-pilot assist. This feature makes driving safer and more cutting edge. However, what are the most impressive features this now standard feature on all Fusion models brings to the table?

Pedestrian protection is one of the most impressive features offered in the new Fusion and it’s co-pilot assist. Blind spots make it difficult to see when pedestrians are a danger, but the brand-new Fusion detects pedestrians and brakes automatically. Adaptive cruise control is the other impressive feature offered in the new Fusion. This vehicle detects the ebb and flow of traffic around it, and it automatically stops, brakes, and maintains an appropriate distance from vehicles around it. No driver assistance is required.

Now you don’t have to pick and choose which Fusion model to buy in Fort Wayne thanks to the fact that the co-pilot assist program is a standard feature in all Fusion models. Stop by Bob Thomas Ford Lincoln North now to test drive the new Fusion and get to know this co-pilot system.




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